Capricorn 2009 Yearly Overview »
In order for Capricorn to accomplish their goals in 2009, intelligent brainstorming is a must. Connecting with others satisfies your mind, and friends are a source of stimulation and inspiration, adding to the scientific developments you like to explore. That said, be sure to take time for yourself. You don’t have to master everything in a day.

You thrive on making new discoveries and developing opportunities. Call upon your inner guidance to help get the job done more efficiently. If you feel any uncertainty, other people are there to confirm your ideas, and allowing yourself to explore your inner thoughts will help you align yourself with a greater sense of awareness and meaningfulness.

Capricorn rarely shies away from highly concentrated work, and you are able to meet challenges as they come up in 2009. This is a time of great self-discovery and transformation for you. As you work to manifest your best possible self, you will see things from a deeper perspective than ever before. Hidden beneath your desire to work hard is the key to making your life easier. In other words, you won’t have to strain as much if you surrender to a higher knowing. Using your powers of concentration to tune into universal knowledge will help you manifest your highest dreams.

Capricorn 2009 Career Overview »
This year, your great passion for money and success will intensify when you broaden your interests and transform your values. As you explore new ideas, you’ll have a greater appreciation of your working environment, and it’s likely you’ll be expanding your resources and furthering your studies. People appreciate you as a great role model for endlessly working to improve situations without taking unnecessary risks.

In the springtime, you begin manifesting advanced ideas for progressive changes in society. You avoid trivial communication, and transformation occurs as you become aware of other peoples’ needs to philosophize about their values. Your climb up the ladder of success is rooted in your positive value system and your ability to transcend old ways of doing things.

You discover new ways to develop your spirituality this year, which will also involve your scientific mind. You come to realize that your passion and talent can easily move in a new direction, bringing with it the success you desire.

Capricorn 2009 Romantic Overview »
Through finding more creative ways to express yourself, your love life will blossom as well. This shift helps you become more comfortable with a loving and philosophical relationship, and your connection becomes closer. Your desire to prioritize a love relationship deepens. Although in the past you were proud of your individuality, you’re realizing the importance a love relationship beyond just yourself and your immediate family.

As you learn to give yourself to another and have your relationship deepen, it helps you break through any discriminating attitudes toward relationships, and to have more confidence in your process. As you continue to accept yourself and enjoy life, you no longer feel the pressure to perform. The peaceful knowing inherent in your love relationship brings deeper meaning to being together, and the relationship brings you abounding joy.

You have abundant optimism and broad appreciation about your relationship. In the autumn, you may be drawn to marriage, as you begin to really understand and embrace the joy of having someone close to you.


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