Gemini 2009 Yearly Overview »
As a Gemini, you possess an amazing ability to see dualities — the pros and cons of situations as change approaches — and to quickly and efficiently think them through before making any decisions. In 2009, you dare to look deeply into your desires, regenerate self-awareness and recognize psychological ambiguities. This will bring balance into your home and family life. Pay attention to the details as you bring your inner and outer life into harmony. And be sure to enjoy the changes occurring within you!

As you come to terms with yourself, you are able to see a more fulfilling purpose in life, and your field of experience broadens. Focus on matters that affect you most deeply and, like magic, your life will become easier and things will seem to take care of themselves. You have all the necessary resources and motivation to make tangible changes and achieve results this year.

Toward the end of the year, you’ll have time to enjoy yourself, and to bask in a great sense of accomplishment. With the expansive and idealistic energy flowing throughout 2009, Gemini is very comfortable in this age of new awareness and high-mindedness.

Gemini 2009 Career Overview »
You can barely keep up with all the new ideas coming to you this year. The challenge will be deciding which opportunities to pursue. Going with the flow will help you remain clear. As you seize opportunities with an attitude of fun and excitement, doors opening will be contingent upon how you synthesize data through symbols and techniques from different cultures, and from your dreams.

These new awakenings will help you advance tremendously in your career as you become more philosophical about life, and are spontaneous about sharing your insights. Traveling helps you understand other belief systems in the world, as well as inspires you to expand your business ventures.

As a Gemini, you’re able to analyze situations and successfully work with the challenges that present themselves, and you easily detach yourself from supposed obstacles. In 2009, you’re likely to move easily from one success to another.

Gemini 2009 Romantic Overview »
Love is passionate and transforming this year, as you learn to adjust to the changing needs of your relationship. You will feel empowered as you make positive adjustments in your spiritual and emotional integrity. If you open up to the possibilities, the intensity of merging the sacred and secret connection between yourself, your lover and the world will help you realize that you’re part of the global metamorphosis. If you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone with an artistic flair — perhaps even at your workplace.

Your instincts are powerful now, urging you to connect at the deepest level of human experience possible, and learn how to experience your own emotional desires without fear. You may be feeling some challenges in your home life, but by accepting each other for who you really are, you will be less likely to withdraw emotionally. Your attention to family needs and letting go of any delusions around relationships will pay off as the energies shift and you realize the value of your home environment and the love, support and happiness that it gives you.

As you come into a new perception of yourself, let the universe support you in all of your relationships. You will grow by leaps and bounds once you understand that you are an amazing being of light.


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