Leo 2009 Yearly Overview »
In 2009, you find yourself connecting with people effortlessly as your warm-hearted actions are acknowledged and radiated back to you in a way you’ve never experienced before. The confident joy and happiness you freely give to others gives you the innate ability to be productive. For you, kind actions are the way to transformation and success.

This is a perfect time for proud Leo, because you have the desire, drive and power to help society. You realize there’s work to do, and you’ll give a helping hand wherever you can. You are ready to align yourself with a higher level of awareness, and exhibit a regenerative attitude is about reaping the harvest by submitting to the larger purpose. What you are able to give to others directly reflects the transformation happening within you.

Your heart is in the right place, and you are likely to accomplish all that you set out to do this year. You’re developing excellent skills in your own personal transformation process, and you are ready to make the conscious decision to be the best you can be. You feel secure, and the beauty of who you are shines through easily and effortlessly.

Leo 2009 Career Overview »
As you help others in your work, you find balance in your own life and, as a result, financial opportunities arise. You are far from conventional, and this helps you have no fear in starting new projects and developing ways for making a good living.

You are able to make major changes in your career without completely eliminating your current foundation. During the summer, career advancements streamline as greater responsibility and commitment come your way. This is an excellent time to focus on your ideals for social progress, and actualize them in a public sphere.

As a Leo, you have the communication skills required to bring new opportunities for growth. This year, you easily visualize new possibilities and eliminate potential roadblocks. Your co-workers appreciate your leadership skills and respect your ability to bring people and resources together for positive change. You may be conservative financially while learning to carve out ways of meeting your material needs, but you continue to draw greater resources to you to serve the greater good.

Leo 2009 Romantic Overview »
You feel as if you’re reaping the harvest this year in your relationships. Socially, your connections are very positive and your altruistic, visionary personality brings you a great circle of friends. Very strong and intuitive, your sense of self-worth in a close relationship makes it a very loving and secure one — your main focus for some time now. Your enthusiasm bubbles over as an intimate relationship blossoms, and the challenges of constructive communication become easier and easier.

Energetically, you are uplifted when you choose to be in a relationship and master the art of accepting someone as they are. In the springtime, your focus may shift to marriage as many blessings come your way, giving you opportunities to experience conscious acts of sharing, cooperation and honor. Things may seem to move fast, but if you go with the flow, you’ll gain confidence in your progress.

Much healing takes place when you have someone close to share your life with. Reap the rewards, and you will encounter feelings that will become the basis for far-reaching transformation in your life — and in that of others as well. Leo’s need to be in charge is no problem, because you and your partner are energetically and equally matched. Be grateful for the love and growth you are experiencing — both metaphysically and spiritually.


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