Sagittarius 2009 Yearly Overview »
You tend to attract just about everything you want this year through your warmth and magnetic Sagittarian That said, you may also go through some great transformational shifts in 2009 as you realize that your happiness no longer depends so much on possessions, but rather on the deeper meaning associated with things symbolic of love and sharing. Instead of controlling what’s happening around you, you now have experiences that perhaps you don’t understand, but in allowing new insights to come in and have a voice, the rearranging of your resources and your values gives you a sense of security and growth.

By surrendering to your higher power, you realize you don’t have to struggle as much to get what you want. As you open up to the ideas and energies flowing around you, your priorities shift dramatically. And — you’ll be happy to know — you don’t need to work as hard to enjoy sensual pleasures either!

Great opportunities arise as your explore your potential, and discover what kind of environment best serves you in your endeavors. Being in touch with this part of yourself helps you align with your higher purpose, and your drive to continue will lead to great success. Life becomes much easier when you trust that the universe will take care of you.

Sagittarius 2009 Career Overview »
You’re fascinated by just about everything that happens in 2009, and you’ll be inspired to pursue all the opportunities that come your way. Writing and other forms of communication are a great way to put your higher ideals and dreams into motion. Writing about your success in overcoming obstacles could be of great benefit to the world.

The exchange of ideas brings balance and harmony into your work. Trusting that everything is in divine order will help bring you great success and comfort in your career. As long as you are in tune with your own personal energy, and respect the ebb and flow of life, you are able to recharge and realign yourself to the new work possibilities on the horizon. Come springtime, you will discover new creative outlets and reach new mastery in your work as you connect with a higher purpose.

You feel competent in all aspects of your job, and by autumn you feel financially secure as you are tear down the old and rebuild the new. Endurance is yours, and it will be easy for you to actualize positive results and maintain high integrity. Be mindful to honor all that you have done.

Sagittarius 2009 Romantic Overview »
When you communicate your truth and your ideals this year, boundaries will dissolve in your love relationship. As you both intuitively recognize the needs of each other, it will be much easier to exchange ideas — and love — freely. As you awaken to an improved way of personal interaction, you will start to see changes in your relationship. Entertaining new ideas and possibilities pushes you toward major breakthroughs, and your relationship takes on a new identity. A deeper commitment helps shift your attitude, and you find that you are able to consciously make positive changes in your home life.

Be sure to attend to the deeper parts of yourself that need loving attention. This is a great year for you to turn inward and create a new myth for yourself, and redefine your basic values, visions and inspirations. What you find there will encourage you to develop and strengthen a deeply spiritual relationship. Old behavior patterns may be discarded, and you can bring in new ways of looking at life. You appreciate innovative love, and it’s time for you to have the harmony in your home life that you desire.

Your independence is an important aspect of having a successful home life, considering all the changes that are going on within you this year. Come fall, you’re able to put your personal needs and relationship demands in balance, and this will lead to a rewarding romantic life — and strong sense of self as well.


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