Scorpio 2009 Yearly Overview »
Get out there and communicate your passionate awareness to the world this year, Scorpio! As you articulate your beliefs, you will move your life — and the planet — toward a more spiritual and thoughtful reality. Positively express yourself and your vision, and you will be a source of great inspiration.

Scorpio loves challenges, especially when it involves transformational energy. As you purify your instincts and overcome any fears of letting your creative passion flow, a newfound enthusiasm and strength will arise within you, and affect everyone around you.

You see yourself in a completely different light this year as you discover new ways of bringing harmony into your life and communicating on a deeper level. Accept who you are at the core, and you will experience a wholeness you never thought possible. Trusting yourself is the key to spiritual growth.

Scorpio 2009 Career Overview »
Your creativity, self-confidence and assertiveness boost your career. Your abundant energy flows freely and cultivates compassion among your co-workers, as they are drawn to your more sympathetic side. You will have no problem being clear in your thinking, and you are able to balance out extremes in the workplace.

As a Scorpio, you crave being in control and maintaining your position of authority. This year, you become more observant of the way you express yourself, and in that awareness, you will accelerate your own career success — and satisfaction. Your great energy works as an example and helps others transform.

This is also a great year for you to sort out which aspects of yourself to keep and which aspects of your personality no longer serve you. You will arrive at a new realization of how you affect others. In the fall, opportunities arise that call for greater responsibility and commitment, and your confidence helps you accomplish everything you set out to do. You may think you have to concentrate for hours on how to improve yourself, but you really need to do is trust that what you are bringing to the world has value and meaning. One of the major lessons for you this year is learning how to appreciate your own originality and resourcefulness.

Scorpio 2009 Romantic Overview »
The abundant Aquarian energy this year provides you the perfect opportunity to fulfill your strong urge for emotional security. Your home life will become your sanctuary of love and joy, and you’ll be able to more fully connect with yourself — and, of course, your lover!

Your instincts are powerful in developing intimacy, and will help you create a healing, passionate and spiritual relationship. The completeness of being in love is a major focus for you this year, and your desire to articulate your feelings will bring your relationship to a higher level of understanding and personal fulfillment.

As important it is for you to have independence and freedom, you are attracted to the idea of a satisfying love relationship. Let the child within you flow, and enjoy being playful with each other! As summer approaches, you’ll achieve harmony and enjoyment in your relationship without compromising your sense of self. Marriage may come your way as you realize the depth of passion and love that someone else can feel for you, and vice versa. Looking deeply within, you begin to see — and feel — new energies waiting to be born.


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