A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign on July 11th. Before the eclipse is an excellent period for review, meditation, and any kind of purging activity that rids you of things that no longer serve you well. From the 11th, you shift gears. It's all about you and your attitude now, and it's time to reinvent yourself. As you make changes to how you approach the world, you will find that you attract different experiences and people into your life. Finances are very strong this month. People are supportive and offering good, objective advice. Pressures that you felt some months ago surrounding family and partnerships resurface towards the end of the month, signaling the need to take action. Facing important realities is part of the picture, and while it's not always comfortable, it's necessary and positive. Career matters remain super-charged and exciting in July, but hurdles and kinks in your plans might present themselves and force you to reassess matters. Again, it may not feel easy for the time being, but ultimately brings more maturity and realism to your plans.


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