Work and love are strong themes for you this month, dear Aquarius. You are very busy taking care of day-to-day affairs, work projects, and health matters. You are called upon to deal with the details and practical side of everyday life, to become more organized, and to take charge of your routines. It's time to formulate some clear goals and plans that get you back on track physically and mentally. Very good energy is with you regarding a partnership. While a little more patience is necessary, you are willing to listen and give support. You are entering a cycle in which you feel you are on solid ground. This comes as a relief after a long period of self-doubt and confusion about your long-term goals. Exciting new interests continue to motivate and stimulate you. Your heart is on your sleeve in the last week of July. Personal needs that have been neglected come up for attention and can no longer be ignored! Communication problems are very likely in the last two days of the month. Take care with your words and actions.


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