July should be a strong month for you, dear Virgo. Making new connections, or cementing existing ones, is in store. The 11th is a great time for making a wish and coming up with an exciting new long-term plan or idea for the future. From the 10th, your charm and personal appeal skyrockets. A new look or manner is likely to be very successful now. If you want others to see things from your perspective, this is an ideal time. You have energy to spare and have few problems asserting your desires and needs. Fortunately, others are listening. Pressures are lifting from the 21st, and you are feeling stronger, more in control, and more mature as well. Friends are in need of attention but supportive. While it's a good month for receiving gifts or bonuses, there can be some money worries. Plans or backing that have had you feeling enthusiastic may not look as promising as they did last month, but the good news is that adjusting your outlook to a more realistic one will bring rewards down the road.


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