Getting your love life into order is a strong theme this month, dear Capricorn. Before the 11th, take the time to get in touch with your relationship needs so that when the eclipse in your partnership sector arrives on the 11th, you are ready to make a fresh start. Complicated decisions are likely in July revolving around learning and education. Some of you will be deciding whether a project or idea is worth pursuing any longer. A strong focus on career goals, along with the re-emergence of increased responsibilities and work loads, are in focus from the 21st. You may be feeling pressured or scrutinized, but the adjustments you make as a result will dramatically improve your potential for success. Finances remain strong this month and your financial position becomes clearer. July is an excellent month for romance and partnership. Your willingness to listen to and support a partner are key. Charm is natural, and personal stamina is strong. Socially, people are seeing you in a most positive light.


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