Rest is in order for the first three weeks of July, dear Leo. You're not exactly putting everything on hold, but you are taking more time for yourself to recharge. You may be talking ahead of yourself now, about things that you are not quite certain about. Financial worries that may have been plaguing you are lessened considerably. You're feeling significantly more confident about your money-making abilities this month. The 8-10 can bring some disappointments and the 24-27 some seeming setbacks to plans, particularly those revolving around love, learning, and travel. These challenges are temporary and handling them with confidence brings you to a stronger and more mature position. You're going to be the rock that others lean on in the coming months, and you enjoy this position! While love remains exciting, what you might have thought was out of this world might now seem only "good", but once again, this improves your position and keeps you realistic. Friends find their way to you in July, and career matters are very strong.


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