You are spirited and enthusiastic this month, dear Aries, feeling personally on top of your game. You are reinventing yourself, and while this fact doesn't always go over well with a partner, it's something you have to do. You could be seeing a partner as holding you back from discovering yourself. Some of you could be feeling lonely, whether you are partnered or not. However, your enthusiasm for self-discovery is undeniable. Family matters are in the spotlight in July. Changes in the organization of your home or with family members may be in order mid-month. Something has to change. The 8-10 could bring some disappointments in love, but nothing you can't handle. Work is super busy and you're pouring a lot of energy into keeping a fast-paced daily routine, tending to health and fitness, and zipping through work projects. You may be in the position to prove yourself on the job. Some paranoia about your position could figure now. Intellectual companionship is easy to find this month.


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