Pressure in a romance (or with children for some of you) is definitely easing this month, and you're super-charged and ready to enjoy yourself, dear Taurus. Important conversations and communications occur in July that require special attention. Some of you have decided to begin new studies and to hone your skills. It's a good time for these matters, particularly since August brings whirlwind energy and stamina for working through projects. While family matters are certainly more comfortable than they were earlier in the year, more adjustments and changes are in order. Many of you have moved home or will soon, and a lot of energy is going into getting settled. A family member is a great friend and ally this month, and could inspire a new money-making idea. Again this month, a lot is going on inside and in your dreaming world. Hunches are powerful and hard to ignore. In fact, feelings that come seemingly out of the blue or through dreams could totally change your outlook and push you onto an entirely new path.


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