Energy levels continue to be strong for you this month, dear Sagittarius. Events are such, however, that tame some of the wild optimism you have been feeling. This is designed to get you on a more realistic track. Challenging or perplexing decisions may need to be made with regards to your social relationships or with children. Financial new beginnings may be in store for you in July. Circumstances require that you rethink your financial strategies. Debts and loans, financial backing, or a partner's income are part of the picture. Develop strategies to cut out unhealthy dependencies and habits that prevent you from growing as a person. A lot of your energy is channeled into pursuing business and career goals, and you have charm working for you from the 10th on a professional level. You are entering a long-term cycle in which you are more capable of meeting your responsibilities and seeing the world in a more realistic way. Your thoughts are progressive this month and a partner is supportive of your goals, both spiritual and professional.


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