You are feeling quite enthusiastic and hopeful this month, dear Scorpio. Around the 11th, events are such that you see your life from a whole new -- and more positive -- perspective. Your career is growing and some shuffling around is likely now as priorities change. Make a point of spending time with friends or of being involved in group settings this month, if this doesn't happen naturally. New ideas and inspiration can be found through your networking efforts. Work is busy but sometimes stressful. While work conditions have been looking especially promising, there are some kinks to work out, but these problems are designed to get you to a more realistic position. Treat added responsibilities as opportunities for future success. Much joy can be found through work in the coming year. Finances are similar. Changes in financial position are likely now, but these ultimately pave the way for increase. Love is mostly friendly in July, although the 8-10 can bring minor disappointments.


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