Your creative abilities could be off the chart this month, and you have the capacity to sell your ideas with passion that can melt any resistance. The source of these gifts is the Sun's passage through your 5th House of Self-Expression until August 23. The warmth and light of the star of our solar system arouses your enthusiasm and your adventurous spirit. It's not easy to stick with routine tasks that leave no room for play or innovation. If you have a job like that, it's understandable that you might want to rebel against it. Still, the smarter tactic is to entertain yourself with ideas to enliven your professional life. Starting a little business on the side is one way to make this happen.

Cooperation, though, is still essential with your assertive ruling planet Mars in your 7th House of Partners throughout the month. Tension may be high on August 3 when opinions grow strong and patience diminishes. If pressure is rising to the breaking point, back away and cool down so you can address issues with a clearer head.

Expansive Jupiter in your sign opposes restrictive Saturn in Libra on August 16, which can signal a strategic shift in your long-range plans. You may not be able to remove obstacles to your ambitions right away, but strengthening alliances can be a powerful step toward overcoming barriers. The Sun's shift into pragmatic Virgo on August 23 requires you to increase your work skills and efficiency. Relearning old tricks and refining methods of operation increases your value on the job.


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