The warm-hearted Leo Sun in your 5th House of Romance until August 23 should keep your personal life busy. It's appropriate to take chances and put your feelings out there where everyone can see them. Sure, you might come on too strong for some sensitive souls, but let's face it, Aries, those who wilt under the heat of your passion are not ideal candidates for a long-term relationship. One of your gifts this month is a spirit of fun and a higher-than-usual capacity for creativity. Being entertaining gets you the kind of attention that you desire, but coming up with innovative ideas for pleasing someone else will make you even more alluring. Having fun establishes you as someone others want to be with, but they need to feel included in your party instead of just being spectators to a show you're putting on to amuse yourself.

You have another planetary arrow in your quiver of love this month as passionate Mars, your ruling planet, is in your 7th House of Partnerships. This attracts gracious people and makes it easier for you to temper your enthusiasm with dashes of grace and diplomacy.

Then, on August 6, vivacious Venus also enters your 7th house, which should make you even more charming. However, from August 7 to10, Venus runs into stressful aspects with some tough planets that might make relationships rockier. Keep your cool and avoid excesses during this time, and when the thunderstorms blow over the pleasures of sharing your life will become more obvious.


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