Jupiter and Saturn, the planetary shapers of destiny, oppose on August 16, when you may feel pulled between the urge for a more exciting professional life and the need for safety and security. You don't have to reach a final decision now -- current circumstances should help clarify the picture, enabling you to make a more informed choice when you're ready. Articulate Mercury turns retrograde on August 20, beginning a three-week period when you must take extra care to avoid mistakes and miscommunication. On August 24, the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces illuminates your 9th House of Big Ideas, where hunger for deeper meaning can make your daily life seem inconsequential. The purpose, though, is to nourish your routine with a spiritual perspective that motivates you and keeps your life in balance.

Keep In Mind
If you're not pushing the envelope of possibility now, you're not trying hard enough. Mistakes caused by going too far are more useful than benefits reaped from playing it safe.


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