The Sun is lighting up your 2nd House of Resources until August 23. This is excellent for spending money to make even more money. Investing in promotional materials, equipment, education and training may seem expensive, but when you consider the potential long-term results it's probably a very good idea. The point is that the Sun's presence in your 2nd house is ideal for boosting your sense of self-worth. If that involves pumping up your personality or smartening up your wardrobe, these can be incredibly valuable things to do. This is no time to be shy. Acting confident makes others have more confidence in you, which in turn increases your self-confidence. This is a virtuous circle that will validate your work and enhance your career.

The New Moon in Leo on August 9 sprouts seeds of creative ideas to make your current job more interesting or stimulate a business move. The entrepreneurial spirit can trigger interest in a new enterprise or help you come up with fresh ways to earn more income. Don't forget creativity with the Sun in expressive Leo. If you have an artistic side, demonstrating your talents might also increase cash flow.

The Sun's shift into practical Virgo on August 23 is a time to refine your ideas, nail down facts and to communicate with greater precision. This month is really a two-stage process that starts with opening your heart, being courageous and acting bolder and then narrowing your focus to deliver on the promises you've made to yourself and others.


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