Working relationships could be complicated this month with the Sun's passage through your 8th House of Deep Sharing until August 23. This transit in the bold sign of Leo might attract brassy or belligerent individuals who rub you the wrong way. You can feel like you're being forced to take risks that aren't of your own choosing. However, a more profitable expression of this transit is for you to be more dynamic at your job. Taking chances by pushing bold ideas and plans makes sense. Reach out to connect with strong allies or customers who can increase your income. Yes, it takes a bit of creativity to sell concepts that aren't fully baked, but enthusiasm counts as much as mastery of details right now. The need to stretch your limits, whether in your current field of employment or to move into a new one is definitely on the program.

Expansive Jupiter opposes your cautious ruling planet Saturn on August 16. This might, at worst, be a time of frustration when you're overwhelmed with too much to do or disappointed that your goals seem out of reach. But it is really a period of opportunity, because you can clearly see where you stand professionally. If you're fortunate, you may get recognition for your accomplishments. If not, the seriousness of the situation can spur a commitment to making a major turn on your career path. Use your good sense of strategy to study the situation carefully, set up a plan during the next month or two, and then take action.


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