Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is a key to the unfolding cycles of your life. On August 20 this communicative planet stops dead in its tracks and begins its thrice-annual three-week retrograde period. In fact, before then Mercury will be slowing down, which can also reduce the pace of your professional life. It's best not to begin major new enterprises now, because the retrograde cycle is often a time when reviewing, revising and making adjustments and repairs are necessary.

Sure, you may be emboldened by the New Moon in confident Leo falling in your chatty 3rd House of Information on August 9. This certainly is a good sign for sparking fresh ideas and contacts. Still, the diminishing speed of Mercury makes it more difficult to assimilate new information, so don't gobble down more than a little bit at a time. Mercury's backwards time, however, can be helpful for reconnecting with people from your past. Old business propositions or job interviews that have not advanced may resurface during the last part of August and the first two weeks of September.

On August 24 the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces arrives in your 10th House of Career. This can raise your enthusiasm and your public profile. It's excellent for taking on inspiring tasks that give you more energy than they take. But there's also a risk of not setting clear boundaries about responsibilities so that you get overwhelmed with more than your fair share. Think twice before making any promises that could demand too much of your time and energy.


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