Your sign is known for its ability to communicate, and your skills as a talker can be a major asset for your social life this month. The Sun is in your information-rich 3rd House of Communication, making it even easier than usual to start conversations. Total strangers may be enthralled by what you have to say, but people will react more to how you say it than the message itself. An upbeat and positive mood makes your words more interesting than complaining or giving a flat recitation of facts. Spice it up, tell stories and jokes, even exaggerate if you have to. As long as you keep smiling and are alert to your audience you'll do fine.

Venus, the planet of love, enters your 5th House of Romance for a one-month visit starting on August 6. Passionate Mars is already in this delightful part of your chart, which could make this one of the most personally rewarding months of the year. However, Venus runs a gauntlet of difficult aspects (connections with other planets) from August 7 through August 10 that can be weird, uncomfortable and destabilizing. Inconsistent moods and unpredictable responses could leave you at a loss about the right way to please a current partner or a potential new one. Just stay loose during this period, because once you're over these bumps there's smoother sailing ahead. Venus and Mars, Astrology's lovers, meet up on August 20 and can make you adorable even if you don't see yourself that way. It's an excellent opportunity for pleasure, so don't miss out on what could be a fabulous weekend.


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