Your daily routines may undergo significant stress this month -- regenerative Pluto is making a long-term visit to your 6th House of Self-Improvement, but old habits must die before new ones are born. Optimistic Jupiter in your 9th House of Big Ideas squares Pluto on August 3, overinflating your confidence, so you may need to restrain your ambitions, especially if you've recently taken on too much work. It's time to pay the piper on August 16 when expansive Jupiter's opposition to restrictive Saturn reveals where you've overextended yourself or made promises you can't keep. A cycle is completed on August 21, when Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication squares Pluto. You could exhaust yourself winning every battle while still losing the war, so figure out what you can eliminate to assure overall success.

Keep In Mind
Stressful situations can remind you to handle the issues you've previously dodged. Expecting too much change too fast may be unrealistic. Look to small adjustments.


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