The Sun in your warm-hearted sign until August 23 offers many opportunities to advance your professional interests. The key is to use the considerable power of your personality to make connections, take risks and impress others. Coming on stronger without appearing overly pushy is an ideal way to open doors that have been closed to you. Whether it's getting a job, making a sale or convincing someone to buy into your creative project, nothing will happen without you putting yourself on the line. Yet no matter how hard you chase your own dreams, there's nothing like demonstrating your generosity and value as a team player to help you make a great impression.

The New Moon in your sign on August 9 is the starting bell of a fresh initiative in your professional life. If you're standing still in your job, your frustration level may rise. It's better, then, to move ahead with boldness than to quietly simmer with resentment.

It pays to be more cautious in the latter part of August as the Sun's shift into practical Virgo on August 23 is more about delivering on promises than making them. Attending to details and tying up loose ends is especially important.

Double-checking to make sure that your messages were heard and understood can be critical as of August 20 when data-rich Mercury turns retrograde. Small issues could trigger a major impact, and it's obviously better to be appreciated for handling details skillfully than to lose a sale, job or promotion through carelessness.


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