Teamwork is a major issue for you during much of August. Generally you're great at getting along with people, but there are two challenges that you need to meet to step up your game now. The Sun is in your 11th House of Groups until August 23. Its presence in the outgoing sign Leo is a reminder that it's time for you to act like a leader. Being bolder and more creative in your actions can earn you the attention you deserve. Besides, if you stay in the background or simply try to go along for the ride, you might have to deal with a bully or braggart who makes work a lot less enjoyable.

Your considerable people skills get a boost on August 6 when your alluring ruling planet Venus enters Libra. This four-week transit can make you feel good, look good and earn you more rewards and approval from others. However, this lovely planet bounces through some rough planetary territory from August 7-10 that is likely to delay the benefits it has to offer. In fact, you may pass through shock, doubt, delay, exaggeration and mistrust during this period. Whatever can throw you off track should, as much as you can, be taken in stride, for this soon will pass. Besides, August 9 is the day of the Leo New Moon in your 11th House of Humanity that can spark a bright idea for a new project. It might have to do with community service or be of benefit to humankind so that you can do well by doing good.


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