The planets could make you a romantic offer that you can't refuse this month. August finds passionate Mars, the planet of action, in your sign, which motivates you to take the initiative more than you usually do. Being the first one to make an obvious move can be good for you. Sure, you may have to face rejection, yet keep your head up, your heart open and continue trying. Whether it's to enliven a current partnership or to get a new one off the ground, assertive Mars is your ally now.

Yet energetic Mars alone isn't enough to cook up the magic cocktail called love; for that you need Venus, and the good news is that she's heading your way. This alluring planet is about beauty, style and grace, which is why she's the ruler of your elegant sign. Venus glides into Libra on August 6, which usually is like laying down a carpet of roses to walk on. Yet there are some serious thorns now in the form of difficult aspects (angular connections) between Venus and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto on August 7-10 that could test your mettle. Relationships can be rattled and trust undermined but these obstacles will pass quickly. Still, there's plenty to look forward to, especially when Venus joins Mars on August 20. These are Astrology's lovers, the planets of action and attraction that make a perfect couple. This is a great time to go on a charm offensive by using your considerable social skills and sense of style to take a big step toward romance.


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