The Sun is shining in your 6th House of Work and Service until August 23. The good news is that it may help you bring more creativity to your job and get more joy out of it. But this may also require you to be more enthusiastic about the tasks that you face on a daily basis. You might feel as if you're too important to continue doing them, which may be frustrating. Of course, if this spurs you to think more imaginatively, there are some clear benefits. One is that you may find a way to make your job more fun. Another is that you might be motivated to take chances in seeking more desirable employment. The point is that it's important to find joy on the job in whatever way you can.

On August 23 the Sun shifts into detail-oriented Virgo and your 7th House of Partnership. If you've been developing your skills, this can be an appropriate time to seek additional recognition for them. Looking for a different job, asking for a raise or taking on new responsibilities would also be appropriate. If you're selling goods or services for your own business, this is an excellent time to reach out to the public, either directly or through distributors or agents. Nevertheless, getting a system going with others can be complicated by Mercury's three-week retrograde cycle that starts on August 20. This is a time when miscommunication, lost information and technical difficulties are more likely. Make sure to be extremely careful in these matters to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.


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