You're used to adapting yourself to others' needs, Pisces, which has both its positive and negative sides. Your flexibility can often smooth out rough spots in a relationship, but it can also lead you to compromising more than you should and winding up with less than you deserve. These issues are especially important this month. The Sun is in your 6th House of Service until August 23. This tends to put you in situations where you put in most of the effort to make things work with someone else. You can be extremely creative and generous in doing that, especially when the New Moon in Leo falls in this part of your chart on August 9. The benefit of this transit, though, is the possibility of meeting someone through your job or when doing chores or service-oriented tasks.

On August 6 sweet Venus, the planet of amour, enters your 8th House of Intimacy. This sounds like good news and might be once this lovely planet gets past a passel of demanding and difficult planets on August 10. Venus in your 8th house could, ideally, attract someone who is willing to meet you half way. That's great as it could help to overcome your tendency to give too much. Venus is in Libra, the sign of fairness that will reward you when you expect to be treated as an equal. You should see the benefits of this transit when the Sun moves into your 7th House of Partnership on August 23. You'll be ready to leave the kitchen, Cinderella, and dance at the ball.


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