Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler. Whether it's about an itch to explore the world or simply an interest in exploring a wide variety of ideas and cultures, this adventurous spirit can serve you well this month. The driving force to expand your horizons both mentally and physically is the Sun's transit through your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education that lasts until August 23. This may stir a spirit of restlessness that makes it harder to handle routine tasks and be tied down in one place. If you're seeking employment, though, this is a good time to connect with people in faraway places. Even if you're not interested in moving, your ability to sell your skills by long distance should be high. Going back to school is another possibility. And even if additional education is not on your agenda, learning about different subjects and places can only be beneficial.

The New Moon in bold Leo on August 9 can spark your interest in taking on fresh challenges. Publishing, promotion, sales and education are among the areas that may be ripe for you then. Yet for every gain or step forward this month, you may encounter delays or limits. Instead of pushing ahead at high speed, learning to let ideas settle or contacts ripen before forging ahead could make the difference between success and frustration.

Strict Saturn, the planet of limits, opposes your expansive ruling planet Jupiter on August 16, which indicates the need to plan carefully and consolidate gains if you want to keep them.


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