Most Sagittarians are travelers. Those with the time and money love to visit exotic places, while those who don't have the resources are still fascinated by tales of faraway lands. These inclinations should serve you well this month with the Sun in your 9th House of Voyages until August 23. People from different cultures can be more attractive than usual, while photos of foreign lands awaken your romantic impulses. If you are able to travel, it's a great opportunity to connect with someone new or revive your present relationship.

However, there is an intense period of days in the beginning of August that could bring out the extreme sides of your personality. Your ruling planet Jupiter forms a stressful 90-degree square with potent Pluto on August 3, and then aggressive Mars makes tense aspects to both of them the following day. If you're attracted to someone, you might feel like you can't live without him or her. If you're upset with someone, your anger may far surpass the limits of reason. This intensity is both useful and dangerous. It's useful if it propels you to make major changes of belief, attitude, expectation or behavior. It's dangerous if you're poisoned with rage, fueled by blame or imprisoned with guilt. Instead of focusing on what's wrong, the key to happiness is to commit yourself to making things right.

On August 9 the New Moon in heartfelt Leo can help you brush away the cobwebs of the past to boldly move forward and create a future filled with love.


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