This is a month for making major decisions. Pluto, your co-ruling planet, is the focal point of a major alignment between career-shaping Jupiter and Saturn, leading to inner shifts that affect long-term events. Until August 3, opportunistic Jupiter's square to defiant Pluto can create discomfort on the job, underscoring your need to decide if you're in the right place. Your options -- or lack thereof -- should become clearer when Jupiter opposes Saturn on August 16. Saturn makes a last squeezing square to Pluto on August 21, which can push you to your limits. Don't rush to judgment, though. Jupiter will square Pluto one more time on February 25, 2011, and oppose Saturn on March 28, 2011, to complete this transformational process.

Keep In Mind
The best way to prepare for major life changes is to bask in the joy that's already present, fueling your journey to a better future.


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