August is your time to shine on the job. The all-powerful Sun is in your 10th House of Career until August 23, which can put you in the spotlight. This is no time to hide, since getting attention can be a good way to get ahead now. It helps if you're bold, creative and outgoing. Save the subtle stuff and come on strong if you're seeking employment or trying to make a splash where you are. You need to be a leader and show your willingness to take risks. Sure, there's a danger of going too far or looking foolish, but it's probably better to fail while aiming for the stars than to play it safe doing the same old thing.

In fact, your modern ruling planet, potent Pluto, is powerfully triggered in the beginning of the month, which can push you to extremes. If you're frustrated or disappointed with your job, there's a risk of an explosion. This will probably not do you any good, but taking the intensity you feel and applying it toward a new project, being more efficient where you are or even considering a change of career makes sense. In any case, the strong emotions of the first week of August can provoke extreme reactions that need to be managed carefully.

Mars, the traditional ruling planet of your sign, spends the month in your secretive 12th House of Shadows. This means that you may be doing important work behind the scenes. Making peace with colleagues and building bridges with possible new employers or customers requires discretion and diplomacy.


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