Your best chances for finding romance may come through work this month. The Sun is in your 10th House of Career until August 23, which gives you a chance to shine when you're in a public position. Whether it's demonstrating creativity and generosity on the job or in working for a cause in which you believe, earning respect for what you do in the open can bring you what you desire behind closed doors.

Still, this might not be the easiest time of the year to fulfill your romantic desires. Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is still rattling around in your 12th House of Privacy, making it difficult to get attention. Of course, if you're into having a hush-hush relationship, this might be exactly what you need. Do your best to treat others fairly, even if they fall short in doing the same for you. As long as you're not sacrificing too much for a person who will never reciprocate or are suffering in silence, making some accommodations to meet a person halfway is reasonable.

Amorous Venus enters your 12th house on August 6, continuing the theme of working quietly behind the scenes and secretly maneuvering to get who and what you want. However, this normally placid planet runs into a tornado of turmoil with stressful aspects (significant angles) to Uranus, Saturn and Pluto from August 7 through 10. If your love life is a little chaotic (or invisible) then, don't fret, since these are quickly passing events that don't have to harm your long-term prospects for personal bliss.


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