Feeling less appreciated than you deserve is a possibility during the first three weeks of August. The Leo Sun, a source of pride, is buried in your 4th House of Home and Family, where attention to personal matters takes precedence over public recognition. You could use this time to explore your creativity away from prying eyes or to bring more beauty and joy to your home life. Entertaining yourself regenerates enthusiasm and a childlike spirit that will keep you going until others are ready to notice you.

Venus, your alluring ruling planet, enters the partnership sign Libra and your 6th House of Employment on August 6. Normally, this can bring pleasure to your job and enhance working relationships. Those benefits may still come your way, but first Venus has to run a gauntlet of challenging aspects that can throw your daily routine off balance. An opposition to explosive Uranus on August 6 can rupture alliances and shake your rhythm with unexpected events. Stressful connections from Venus to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter keep the wheels of change spinning on August 8 and 9. Still, the delays, doubts and pressures that you face can also clarify your picture of long-term goals and career potential. You might have to move in a radically new direction to ride this wave of innovation to a successful conclusion. However, for now it's best to choose your battles carefully -- most will waste your time but the right one can break down barriers on the job. And even if your situation gets messy, you can clean it up or shift your efforts in a different direction when the Sun enters Virgo and your 5th House of Creativity on August 23.


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