Finding the right balance between boldness and caution is an interesting professional issue for you this month. August begins with the Sun in dramatic Leo, signaling an urge to be more outspoken and expressive. However, this transit occurs in your 12th House of Privacy, which means that you need to carefully pick the stages where you are going to strut your stuff, make your case and present new ideas. A potential negative of this transit is to have some arrogant person make promises he or she won't keep or to work against you behind your back. Yet even with the Sun in this outgoing sign, there are two reasons for you to be cautious now. There is something slippery about the 12th house: it's a place of secrets, which means that handling information with discretion is especially important at this time. If you have any complaints, make them privately. If you have any great ideas, be selective about who you share them with.

Another key factor this month is that Mercury, your brainy ruling planet, is turning retrograde on August 20. The backward turn of the information planet begins a three-week cycle when managing data, messages and technology often becomes more complex. But Mercury is slowing down all month, reminding you to take your time and be your best analytical self before making any important moves or statements. Still, when the Sun enters your sign on August 23, your ambitions may be boosted and your ability to get attention is likely to increase.


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