You may feel a little bit like an outsider or someone who is not in charge of her or his personal life for much of this month. The all-powerful Sun is in your 12th House of Privacy until August 23, which is not ideal for getting your fair share of attention. However, it still can be a useful period for connecting in quiet, out-of-the-way places where you feel safe enough to share your innermost thoughts. A partner with discretion is a must if you're going to open up like this. Don't share intimate information unless your trust level is very high.

Perhaps the key to relationship success now is to start by pleasing yourself. Magnetic Venus enters your 2nd House of Self-Worth on August 6, signaling a time when making yourself happy is a priority. If you have some doubts about whether you deserve it or not, set them aside and just see what spoiling yourself a little bit will do.

There are two major shifts in your social winds later this month. Mercury, your brainy ruling planet, turns retrograde on August 20 in your sign. This indicates the importance of managing details carefully (one of your specialties) and putting in extra effort to clear up old misunderstandings -- and to avoid new ones. Longing for someone from your past is another possibility during Mercury's three-week backwards period. On the other hand, the Sun's entry into Virgo on August 23 pulls you out of the shadows and draws you into the spotlight where you get noticed, especially when you're running the show.


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