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Partnerships, professional alliances, customer relations and public outreach are key areas of your chart until September 22. The Sun is in your 7th House of Others, increasing opportunities to make new connections or strengthen existing ones.

A great way to demonstrate your worth as a business associate is to make sure that you manage details with high levels of skill and efficiency. Mercury is retrograde in analytical Virgo in your 7th House until September 12, tossing minor obstacles in your path. Managing messages with precision and double-checking data for accuracy can make or break a working alliance. It's better to be slow and careful to earn trust than to act or speak too quickly or promise more than you can deliver. It's the steady and reliable road that will take you where you want to go, not the fast lane of high hopes that aren't fully anchored in reality.

Your traditional ruling planet Jupiter joins electrifying Uranus in your sign on September 18, which could be a watershed point for you. This pair sparks conceptual lightning bolts that can give you a radical new perspective on your career. Flashes of intuition can excite you about doing something so different that it's like starting all over. But there's a risk of leaping before you're sure about where you're going to land. Allowing this vision to percolate a bit before taking action makes it more likely to turn into reality. Instead of quitting your job, take some time to gather facts and prepare yourself for a potential professional rocket ship ride to an exciting new destination.


Your innovative sign has you looking for bright new ideas much of the time. This month, though, you might get an especially brilliant one when visionary Jupiter joins with your unconventional ruling planet Uranus on September 18. This energizing transit excites your mind, stirs up restless feelings and could provoke you to take radical action within a week or ten days of September 18. If this is the continuation of a process that began weeks or months ago, and if you have been working out every little detail of a plan, then this might be the right time to take a professional leap of faith. Quitting your job, launching a business or making a dramatic financial move just might work. But chances are that you're just getting an intuitive flash that needs to be fleshed out with careful thought and research before it becomes a viable plan for professional action.

The Sun is in pragmatic Virgo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing until September 22, challenging you to deal with picky people who have more tolerance for routine and rules than you do. Discerning who among them is simply annoyingly petty and best ignored versus those who have wisdom you can trust is very important now. Instead of recoiling from criticism, listen to it as objectively as you can and you'll know what's worth taking to heart and what's a waste of your time. The Sun's shift into airy Libra on September 22 illuminates your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education, opening a month-long window of opportunity in these areas.


The bigger your hopes, the more precise you need to be while pursuing them now. That's because Mercury in detail-oriented Virgo is moving backwards in your adventurous 9th House of Expansion until September 12. This can complicate travel plans and muddle messages with people in faraway places. But if you're super careful, you can lay down a flexible foundation for business relationships or educational advancement. Networking can work wonders for your career, but it's a long, slow process of being of service to others now so they will be helpful to you later.

Intensity with co-workers can increase when aggressive Mars enters your 11th House of Groups on September 14. The upside of this transit (lasting about seven weeks) is a greater amount of productivity as a result of deeper working relationships. However, Mars can also spark conflict with colleagues, especially when differing values separate stubborn people. If you want a showdown, be prepared for a fight to the finish. This is no time to take anyone lightly, since others will take you seriously no matter how playful you are.

On September 22 the Sun enters sociable Libra and your 10th House of Career, putting you in the spotlight and requiring you to bring out the best of your people skills. Your ability to negotiate and your willingness to meet others halfway could be critical. No matter how motivated you are and regardless of the capacity you have for hard work, the support of others could make the difference between a professional boost and a professional bust.


It's understandable if you feel frustrated or overwhelmed by a million and one details, a petty and picky boss or overly restrictive systems that bore you and burden your professional life. Mercury, the master of minor matters, is moving backwards in you24. Having to go over the same issues again and again is not your idea of fun, but tying up loose ends, completing unfinished tasks and perfecting your methods will pay off down the road. As much as you tend to be a "big picture" person who is motivated by adventurous schemes and dreams, it's the small stuff that will make a major difference in your work right now.

This isn't to say, though, that you will stop dreaming about a more exciting future. Your expansive ruling planet Jupiter joins innovative Uranus on September 18. While the positive side of this union can be an intuitive breakthrough that gives you a radically new and exciting idea or two, it also can stimulate restless feelings and rebelliousness. A temptation to quit your job and pack a suitcase for Tahiti is certainly appealing, but doesn't qualify as a viable plan. Blowing up at your boss, an uncooperative colleague or a customer is not an intelligent option either. Instead, start collecting the crazy concepts that jump into your head without doing anything about them right away. Look at your list in a few weeks and if one of them makes sense, start researching the possibility of turning this fantasy into reality.


Although getting along with colleagues and being a good team player continue to be key factors in your work life this month, there's another major pattern starting on September 14 that could reshape your professional future. Mars, the traditional ruling planet of your sign, enters Scorpio on September 14. This passionate and assertive planet's first visit to Scorpio in almost two years can kick your energy up to a higher gear. If you're stuck in an untenable situation, it's natural to grow more frustrated. Anger and irritation can rise to the surface, which is not going to earn you many allies. If, however, you can put the intensity that you're feeling to constructive use, this can be the first step toward a more rewarding work situation.

The key to tapping into the power that's available to you now is to be in the best mental and physical shape possible. You're getting ready for a major push forward, but if your body or mind is weak, it won't do you much good. If you've got the drive and the self-discipline to stick to a commitment, this can be the time to make a major breakthrough. Go for the impossible if that's what your heart desires, because even if you fall short of your goal, you'll prove that you're capable of so much more than you're doing now. Besides, if you don't ride this powerful wave of energy, you may wind up spending it on petty battles that frustrate you instead of getting you ahead.


You might feel like you're not getting all the attention that you deserve now. If that's the case, don't worry, because the situation will change once the expressive Sun enters your sociable sign on September 22. Until then, the Sun will be scurrying through your secretive 12th House of Shadows, where what you do behind the scenes may be more important than your activities that are visible to the general public. Shoring up alliances, tidying up unfinished tasks and getting yourself, your equipment and your work skills in the best possible shape represent the kind of necessary maintenance that increases your chances for a long, favorable future ahead.

Communicative Mercury has also been moving backwards in this part of your chart since late August. On September 12 it finally begins moving forward again, slowly unfreezing situations that have been locked down with little or no activity. Be extra careful in how you handle delicate information during Mercury's backwards cycle, because false data or leaks will not be helpful to advancing your ambitions.

On September 8 your charming ruling planet Venus descends into your 2nd House of Income to give you a deeper understanding of personal resources. While you may be concerned about a shortage of cash, lack of skills or experience, the real purpose of this transit is to encourage you to examine your assets to find more efficient ways to invest them. A little deficit spending can be beneficial, if you borrow or go into debt to finance education or equipment that can, over time, actually take your career to a higher level.


This month can be especially important to your career for several reasons. First, the Sun is in your sign until September 22, a period when you are ready for a fresh start. This could provide you with additional motivation to advance your interests. You're much less likely to settle for the old routine when the Sun is in your 1st House of Personality. This pushes you to take calculated risks in your current position, to seek a new job or even a totally different line of work.

The other key astrological ingredient in this month's professional stew is the retrograde motion of your intellectual ruling planet Mercury. It turned backwards late last month in your sign and will shift back into forward motion there on September 12. The Mercury Retrograde period is often one when details need to be managed more carefully than ever. Failure to double-check important ones often leads to confusion during this critical cycle. Messages are muddled more often, so be sure the information you share has been received and understood. On the plus side, Mercury retrograde gives you a second chance to complete unfinished tasks, refine systems and reconnect with people from the past.

You are likely to become a more powerful communicator as of September 14 when aggressive Mars moves into your 3rd House of Information. This starts a seven-week period when your words weigh more heavily, enabling you to motivate others. Just don't waste your breath on petty disputes when you've got the force to apply your intellect in more effective ways.


Tightening up finances and managing all of your resources carefully could be the key to improving your professional life this month. In late August cerebral Mercury turned backwards in your 2nd House of Possessions. It will switch back into forward gear in this economically important part of your chart on September 12. Doing everything you can to operate at higher levels of efficiency may seem dull and boring, but could make the difference between success and failure. If your materials or training have grown rusty, this is the ideal time to put them back in top shape. The sharpness of your tools (both mental and physical) could determine how effective and efficient you can be.

Your enthusiasm should start to rise on September 21 when the Sun opposes expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus. The following day the Sun enters sociable Libra and your 3rd House of Communication, which starts a 30-day period that is excellent for expressing your ideas so well that you gain the support of others.

Still, on September 25 the Sun crosses paths with prickly Pluto, a planet of power and manipulation. The downsides include power struggles, mistrust and possible corruption. However, if your mind is cluttered with too many activities or you have any doubt about your commitment, this transit can help you focus your intentions, set priorities and advance toward your goals with greater intensity. In fact, a low-key approach is unlikely to be very effective this month since action-oriented Mars enters "all or nothing at all" Scorpio on September 14, leaving little room for laxness or indecision.


Mastering details that can seem arbitrary and unnecessary is a challenge that you are likely to be facing now. While you often prefer to operate by instinct and trust your feelings to guide your actions, precision in what you do and say is especially important now. The first source of this comes from retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication's backward turn in late August that tends to muck up messages and turn minor problems into major issues. Mercury turned backwards in your 3rd House of Information, complicating the flow of data until September 12 when it shifts back into forward gear. Having to relearn systems and reconnect with people may slow you down, but it's worthwhile to create the clarity that you need if you want to be efficient.

On September 8 the New Moon in analytical Virgo also falls in your 3rd house, underscoring the need to measure your words carefully. If you do your homework and get all the facts in order first, whatever you say will be more effective.

The Sun's move into your domestic 4th House of Home and Family on September 22 can turn your attention away from public responsibilities and toward your personal life. This may be beneficial on some levels, but could be a distraction from your job. Do your best to create a harmonious home environment where you can get the rest and support you need to advance professionally. If you have any interest in working for yourself, this can be a time when you finally feel ready to make a key decision.


It wouldn't be surprising if you are frustrated by all the little details that have distracted you from doing your best at work lately. Your brainy ruling planet Mercury turned retrograde (backwards) in late August and won't shift into forward gear until September 12. This is a time when data and details are easily lost or confused, complicating your professional life. Since this is occurring in your 4th House of Home and Family, domestic issues could be a source of stress that affects your career. When Mercury turns forward on September 12, these issues should start to move toward resolution. Delays and difficulties that have held you back may finally be overcome.

Still, on September 14, energetic Mars enters emotionally complex Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment, which can place new demands on you. The pressure to be more productive is possible, which might seem unfair and provoke negative feelings. However, if you have a project where you can use your emotions in a positive way, this could be the start of a very productive period of almost two months. Taking on the toughest tasks by choice is better than having them foisted upon you against your will. The level of effort required to handle your job and daily routine is likely to increase, so spending your energies on something that you care about is clearly more desirable than struggling to stay afloat. If you can up the level of your intensity, breakthroughs in your current position or in a move toward a new one are possible.


The Sun is rocking in your 5th House of Self-Expression until September 22, which can trigger creative ideas that benefit your professional life. It might, in fact, motivate you to take a calculated risk in your current place of employment or propel you to strike out on your own.

The Sun's shift into accommodating Libra on September 22 occurs in your 6th House of Methods, which is an ideal time to take the fresh concept that's been lighting you up and putting it into effect. People skills can be critical with this transit, since the cooperation and support of colleagues and other business associates is essential. Keep your mind open and be ready to compromise, if necessary, to maintain harmony and stay on track.

Still, the kinds of partners and customers you attract could make it difficult to meet them halfway as of September 14. That's when aggressive Mars enters feisty Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnerships. This can give you a boost from a strong-willed ally, but you better be strong to survive this kind of association. If the two of you share a passion for a project, you could become unstoppable. However, this transit can also attract demanding individuals who push your buttons. Fighting for what you want could become a necessity, and it's certainly better to battle to advance your career than to bog down in a dispute to simply hold on to what you have. Be clever about who you align yourself with to avoid the stress of working with disloyal teammates.


The news on the work front can be good this month -- if you're able to focus on details and are patient enough to plan your next move instead of just following your impulses. There are two key events occurring in mid-September that could turn your professional life in a constructive direction.

First, detail-oriented Mercury ends its retrograde cycle in your 6th House of Employment on September 12. If you've been backtracking to fix problems or have been waiting to hear back from a potential employer or customer, the forward shift of the communication planet should get you heading in the right direction. This is also a good time to put newly learned skills to work or to start additional work-related training. Mastery of details is more valuable now than brilliant ideas, so make sure you cover the bases that demonstrate competence before taking on any additional responsibilities.

On September 14 your traditional ruling planet Mars leaves accommodating Libra and enters intense Scorpio. This is excellent if you're ready to dig in and concentrate your efforts on one major task. Your ability to push through obstacles grows as you develop endurance to tackle even the hardest jobs. This power, though, comes at a price: you will need the participation of a powerful partner. Matching up with co-workers or business associates who can keep up with you can make a significant difference in what you're able to accomplish. You may have to compromise to maintain a productive relationship, yet it's well worth the effort with the right person on your side.


You could be on the front lines of relationships this month, either putting out fires with your partner or being more available to someone new. September starts with the Sun in Virgo and your 7th House of Partnerships. This might not be the sexiest situation, because it's about attending to the little details of getting along that makes partnerships work better. Putting in the effort to be clearer with the people who count most in your life isn't necessarily easy. Yet communicative Mercury's shift into forward gear in your 7th house on September 12 helps you untangle knots of misunderstanding that inhibit trust and closeness.

Lovable Venus and passionate Mars are in your 8th House of Intimacy at the start of September, which are invitations for deepening the connection in your current relationship or opening your heart, mind and body to someone new. The secret to making this work constructively is to have an honest and open dialogue with someone who is fair and willing to meet you half way. You don't have to agree on everything, but it's essential that you feel safe enough to express yourself honestly. Venus leaves this part of your chart on September 8 as does Mars on September 14, so opening the door to deeper connections is recommended before these dates.

The Full Moon on September 23 is in your sensitive sign, which can reveal your feelings in a dramatic way. But even if this causes discomfort, it exposes truths that words alone cannot fully describe.


Your taste for exotic people and unusual situations could be increased this month with three planets moving through your adventurous 9th House of Expansion. The month begins with Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, in this outgoing part of your chart. Travel can be especially inviting, whether you voyage with a charming partner or find local guides along the way. Venus remains in this house until September 8, then enters Scorpio and your 10th House of Public Responsibility. You may be somewhat less playful then as professional and parental duties require more of your time. Yet when you are able to lead in a gracious manner you grow more appealing to others. Avoid being bossy or autocratic, not just to keep the peace, but to show how kind and understanding you are.

Keeping your cool in the public eye may not be all that simple when aggressive Mars also enters steamy Scorpio and your 10th house on September 14. This is excellent for kicking up your career a notch, but the pressure to perform professionally can make it harder to find time for your personal life.

Still, the Sun's entry into sociable Libra on September 22 can be breath of fresh air that gets you to look up from the demands of the present to peer into the future. Planning a vacation getaway is a good way to revive a flagging relationship and to turn your head toward fun. You are much more attractive when you're excited about tomorrow rather than burdened by the demands and duties of today.


September starts with the Sun in your 9th House of Adventure, turning your head and heart toward faraway places and people from different cultures. However, with mental Mercury retrograde in this part of your chart until September 12, delays and miscommunication can mar your long-distance connections. Be patient if your message is not getting through, as information will flow more smoothly while Mercury picks up speed during the second half of the month.

You may feel socially constrained when September begins because peaceable Venus is in your 10th House of Ultimate Responsibility. Maybe you have to mask your emotions to maintain a harmonious environment. But this burden will lessen on September 8 when Venus plunges into passionate Scorpio and your 11th House of Groups. The isolation you may have felt by carrying the load alone can now be overcome as others come to your aid. Good friends and helpful colleagues are there to provide much needed support. In fact, the intimacy you get by working with someone can arouse an attraction that alters the way you relate to one another.

Assertive Mars follows Venus into your team-oriented 11th house on September 14, which can bring you more stimulation in group situations and, perhaps, start to turn a friendship in a romantic direction.

The spontaneous Aries Full Moon on September 23 falls in your 4th House of Roots, stirring up restlessness that can rock the boat at home, or motivate you to take on personal challenges that excite you and make you more interesting to others.


Your outgoing personality may be just a little less sparkly than usual for much of September. While an air of seriousness could feel heavy, it can also lead to a deeper understanding of what you really need in relationships.

Venus, the magnetic planet of love, dives into the dark waters of Scorpio and your secretive 12th House of Escapism on September 8. This might increase your need for privacy, seeking relationships in the shadows instead of flaunting them in the light of day. An affair or at least an attraction that you wouldn't want to become public is a possibility. Psychologically, you may spend too much time focusing on what you lack. Yes, it can be useful to reassess yourself periodically, but be constructive and find solutions instead of getting stuck on your faults. Love, you may discover, doesn't just come from people, as you may find fulfilling moments in nature or through spiritual practices now.

Aggressive Mars follows suit and enters Scorpio on September 14, which is another move away from the spotlight. You should be more at ease with one-to-one contacts in discreet locations. Even if you have nothing to hide, there's a sense of excitement that comes from feeling like you're breaking the rules. If you are in a relationship, though, a tendency for one of you to be distracted by another person is possible. Follow your instincts, but if you're in doubt about the appropriateness of this behavior, it's probably wise to stop it or tell your significant other what's on your mind.


Your relationship life is likely to move into more intense territory this month. The good thing is that you do well in intense situations. Strong feelings, either positive or negative, give you the kind of clarity that motivates you to make strong moves.

On September 8 Venus, the planet of love, enters your passionate sign. This is a positive transit that is bound to make you feel and look more attractive. As usual, though, it's attitude rather than the outfits you wear that makes you desirable. Loving yourself and indulging yourself in pleasure create a magnetic field that people will find difficult to resist.

Then, on September 14, your traditional ruling planet Mars joins the party by entering Scorpio. This is a major push to take action now. Passionate Mars motivates you to go after who and what you want with the power to blow away obstacles that slow your progress. The intensity you're feeling can motivate you to be more active physically as well as socially. But it takes a confident person to be comfortable with you now because the force of your will can intimidate insecure individuals. Playing with you now can be fun for the brave who aren't afraid to match your physical and emotional force. Just remember to temper your hunger for what you want and your anger about what you're missing with a dash of kindness to avoid looking like a bully. Mixing Venusian charm with Martian machismo, though, is a delicious combination that's bound to stir up your seductive side.


Planets entering and exiting your sign can pull you in different directions this month. The Sun in Virgo sits in your secretive 12th House of Escapism until September 22, which can indicate a greater need for privacy. Whether you choose to spend more time out of the spotlight or simply feel overlooked by others, this is not the most opportune time to shine.

Still, alluring Venus, your ruling planet, is in Libra until September 8, so you may be charming and attractive even if you're not able to get the full benefits of looking so good. Energetic Mars is also in your sign until September 14, driving you to take the lead in relationships. Yet, once again, while there may be a lot of activity on the field, you may not score until later in the month.

The Sun's entry into Libra on September 22 is a change of sign and season that can take you out of the shadows and make you more visible. Your warmth, generosity and creativity are clear strengths that are likely to get you more attention. This also puts you in a leadership position in relationships to revive your current one or in seeking a new partner. Nevertheless, it's the little secrets that you whisper in the ears of a sweetie that make the most impact now. Teasing is not misleading; it's just a way to play and prolong the pleasure of courtship. You can be a master at setting a romantic scene, but it works better when it appears to happen naturally instead of being part of your master plan.


The Sun in your sign until September 22 is usually a boost to your personal life. Increased confidence comes from investing in self-improvement, which you do so well. Even though others may not immediately notice these improvements, you'll be able to demonstrate your desirability as a partner more easily as of September 8. That's when alluring Venus enters steamy Scorpio and your 3rd House of Communication. It won't take more than one smoldering look to let someone know what you want and entice him or her to give it to you. The words you say, though, aren't as important as your tone of voice, because you are seducing ears more than minds.

Besides, your brainy ruling planet Mercury begins the month moving backwards, which is better for insights than explanations. There's a great deal you're discovering about yourself that doesn't need to be described to others. Try communicating feelings without concerning yourself too much with facts.

Another push in the right relationship direction comes from initiating Mars' entry into Scorpio on September 14. This is another signal that you can pass powerful messages to excite your current partner or attract a new one without going into details. You're not supposed to be silent, but saying less will probably make you more interesting.

On September 18 expansive Jupiter and radical Uranus join in your 7th House of Partnership, which can shake up a current alliance up to a week or so before and after this date. Yet instead of passively being surprised by someone else, why not be the one to make an unexpected move?


There are some interesting relationship challenges for you this month. If you can rise to meet them, romance may flourish, but if you're not able to change the way you play the game, frustration can be expected. The key players in this story, as they often are when it comes to love, are Venus and Mars. Astrology's planets of attraction and action begin September in compatible Libra, a peaceful sign of accommodation and compromise. Their presence in your 3rd House of Communication makes for easygoing conversations and reasonable attitudes.

However, Venus plunges into the emotionally deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio on September 8, which replaces reason with passion. This transit occurs in your 4th House of Home and Family, possibly stirring up feelings of discontent in your household. However, sensing a profound lack of love, approval or pleasure can be a powerful motivator for making changes. If you have a partner, be as kind as you can, since resentment is almost always toxic. If you're single, think about what you can change in yourself to get the appreciation and affection you want.

On September 14 assertive Mars also enters Scorpio, doubling the fun or the complexity of relationships. You may not be in the mood to compromise, which can cause stress, but could be a necessary step to shaking up your personal life. Going to extremes is risky but will bring you clarity about what you truly want and don't want in a relationship. Just be kind about expressing those feelings since your comments can take on added power that provokes strong reactions.


There's a very favorable shift in the planetary winds this month that should bring a new level of pleasure and intensity to your personal life. Venus and Mars, Astrology's lovers, have been in Libra and your domestic 4th House of Home and Family, keeping you occupied with personal matters. Bringing peace and joy to a live-in partnership and making your place more attractive are benefits of their presence, but don't have the intensity and power of what's coming next.

Alluring Venus moves into sexy Scorpio and your fabulous 5th House of Romance on September 8. This definitely puts you in the mood for love, stirring up your passion and inciting a playful attitude. Allowing your feelings to build without fully expressing them creates an attractive aura around you that should make you irresistible to the right person.

The seductive power of Venus is raised to an even higher level when assertive Mars joins your 5th house party on September 14. This sizzling combination of planets in one of the sexiest parts of your chart can make you desirable in ways that defy logic. Looking good is helpful, of course, but not necessary when you've got the magic and charisma of Venus and Mars on your side. Your attitude is more important than your wardrobe, so put out that lower lip with your most sensual pout if you're looking for action. Don't try to make the object of your desire feel safe, because you're more interesting as a dangerous person than one who is overly cautious and protective.


Messages about relationships are decidedly mixed this month, which can spin you in circles between boundless desire and cool detachment. Perhaps a sense of separation from others can be accounted for by Mercury's retrograde cycle that ends on September 12. Your communicative ruling planet's backward period is one in which words come less quickly as you thoughtfully consider your ideas before speaking.

This reticence to open your mouth and let fly can make you much more interesting to your current partner or potential new ones. That's because alluring Venus enters mysterious Scorpio on September 8, making those who are difficult to read more attractive than ever. Saying less can make you more interesting than chatting aimlessly just to fill the air. This theme continues when passionate Mars enters Scorpio on September 14, making winners out of those who don't show their hands.

There's a significant shift, though, on September 22 when the Sun leaves dutiful Virgo and enters sociable Libra. This is doubly delicious for you because it occurs in your 5th House of Romance, Fun and Games. Your lively spirit expresses itself more easily and readily gains attention. Still, a dash of secrecy will make you more alluring than if you seem completely accessible. This isn't, though, about shutting people out; it's simply about being a better editor of the information you share. Besides, with the Sun in gracious and well-balanced Libra, you should be able to comfortably shift your approach depending upon who you are with. You can run the show with such a light hand that no one knows that you're leading.


You could get into a deep relationship groove this month and go further in a long-term partnership or in attracting interesting new people. The story starts with the Virgo Sun in your 5th House of Romance until September 22. This transit encourages you to polish your act and become more skillful in the seductive arts. You may have to work hard, or at least pay careful attention, to get what you want, but there's a strong likelihood that it will be worth the effort.

Astrology's lovers are Venus and Mars, the planets of attraction and action. September begins with both of them in your 6th House of Service, which is more about work than play. However, Venus, the ruler of your sign, enters simmering Scorpio and your 7th House of Relationships on September 8, which is likely to make you highly desirable. Attracting intense individuals or feeling the heat from a current partner will test your willingness to descend into the deep emotions that make for true intimacy.

Then, on September 14, muscular Mars enters Scorpio to intensify your alliances. There's little room for mixed feelings with these planets in such a profoundly passionate sign. Half measures aren't going to satisfy people who want access to the very depth of your being. If you're willing to push past your comfort zone to explore these mysterious regions, expect plenty of action. If, on the other hand, you prefer to avoid the complexities of desire, jealousy and sharing your secrets, you'll miss out on this month's richest rewards.


If you're not ready to up your commitment to a relationship this month, you might consider making major changes or even leaving it. The stakes in the game of love are increasing, so you either ante up with more purpose and passion or walk away for a while. Single Rams can't dance around potential partners and expect to get into the action now. Only those who are willing to lay it all on the line are invited to play. This can be scary for independent Aries who prefer some freedom in their personal lives, yet for those willing to pay the price, the results can be deeply rewarding.

The two planets painting these pictures are Astrology's lovers, Venus and Mars. Magnetic Venus plunges into emotionally intense Scorpio and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 8. Passionate Mars, your traditional ruling planet, follows suit on September 14 to cook up a complex stew of personal interaction. If you're in a relationship, expect it to grow thicker with unmet needs, excessive attachment or jealousy. An insecure partner may want more than you want to give and it's up to you to decide how much you're willing to pay to make him or her happy. If you're single, you can become a magnet for complicated individuals whose desire for you can be both delicious and smothering.

Still, you should get some relief when the Sun, the astrological symbol of consciousness, enters objective Libra on September 22, opening the way to reasonable dialogue in which compromise becomes possible.


This month gives you a chance to review where you stand and to make a fresh start in relationships. The key event is the New Moon in analytical Virgo, which falls in your 7th House of Others on September 8. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in this house casts seeds of hope for personal improvement.

Curious Mercury's direct turn in your 7th House of Partnership on September 12 initiates conversations that can help you find answers. A brilliant Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces on September 18 offers another dose of exceptional insight.

The Sun's entry into accommodating Libra on September 22 marks the Fall Equinox in your 8th house. But the relationship sign's reputation for harmony may be challenged. An assertive Aries Full Moon in your 2nd House of Personal Values on September 23 could expose a stark contrast between your priorities and those of someone you trust.

Keep in Mind this Month
Clearly stating what you want from someone doesn't guarantee that you'll get it, but it certainly improves your chances.


Although you may feel sure you're caught in a gigantic undercurrent, there is forward movement in your life. Staying focused on the present can be tricky with rational Mercury backtracking in critical Virgo, returning your thoughts to the past as you analyze what you could have done better. On September 12, Mercury changes direction in your 8th House of Transformation and gradually begins to move forward again. At last you can start turning your thoughts into reality.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all continue their retrograde periods, replaying themes from your recent past. Persistent Pluto turns direct on September 14, deepening Mercury's research into your personal history. Opportunistic Jupiter backs into inspirational Pisces on September 9, and its conjunction with shocking Uranus on September 18 can suddenly open your mind to amazing possibilities that send your thinking far into the future.

Keep in Mind this Month
Big changes are underway. Even if you can't see the whole picture yet, rest assured that this period of integration will be followed by a significant growth spurt.


If you've been bottling up feelings of frustration about your career and the purpose of your life, Capricorn, the cork may pop this month. Cerebral Mercury turns direct in your 9th House of Higher Truth on September 12, allowing you to move past petty distractions and fix your mind on your highest aspirations.

A pivotal moment occurs with the Sun's entry into Libra on September 22. Movement is further emphasized by the Full Moon in impatient Aries on September 23. The Moon in this enterprising sign is joined with a hyperkinetic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. However, the urge to create something new in your life is countered by your obligations, thanks to hard aspects with traditional Saturn and risk-averse Pluto. This is not meant to stop you from altering your life. Its purpose is to have you weigh the costs and construct a plan to manage a major transition.

Keep in Mind this Month
Making allies is a much better use of your energy than making enemies. Investing in peace will save you time and effort in the long run.


This month pulls you into unfamiliar waters, and your complex emotions can distract you from career ambitions. You may be surprised now by the joy of withdrawing into quieter realms. This shift starts slowly, for logical Mercury in your public 10th House of Status turned retrograde on August 20 and remains so until September 12, giving you time to recover from last month's extreme stress.

Loving Venus enters mysterious Scorpio and your 12th House of Divinity on September 8, arousing a deep yearning to connect with your spiritual side. Visionary Jupiter backs into sympathetic Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family on September 9 -- as Uranus did last month -- recalling the memories of the past to lure you out of your head and into your heart. But the practical Virgo New Moon on September 8 in your professional 10th house reminds you to finish your work before pursuing metaphysical interests.

Keep in Mind this Month
Even if it's difficult at first to tell whether you're slipping backward or making real progress, keep the faith.


It's time to review with a little help from your friends. The New Moon in proficient Virgo falls in your 11th House of Groups on September 8 to foster connections that make you a better teammate. This scrutinizing sign can exaggerate faults and flaws, but this should help you improve cooperation where possible and recognize that you need to move on where it's not.

Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, in your social 11th house, is retrograde until September 12, churning up issues with colleagues and pals that need extra attention. Imperfections may be magnified, however, so don't be too hard on them or yourself. You have the advantage of attractive Venus' entry into your sign on September 8, which can make you more captivating personally and more compelling professionally.

On September 9, as lucky Jupiter backs into your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression, there's a chance of reigniting your creativity.

Keep in Mind this Month
Asking an expert for help is a smart move. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when an experienced person can show you how it's done.


This month starts quietly with messenger Mercury retrograde in your 12th House of Endings until September 12. Feelings intensify as sensual Venus and ardent Mars leave your even-keeled Air sign for the deeper passions of mysterious, watery Scorpio on September 8 and September 14, respectively.

Your forays into unknown emotional territory are affirmed as giant Jupiter backs into Pisces on September 9 to conjunct unorthodox Uranus on September 18 in your 6th House of Health and Work. This mind-opening conjunction is the second in a series of three that began on June 8 and culminates on January 4, 2011. Paradoxically, the first one was in your 7th House of Others, placing the focus directly on relationships. Now you are being given an opportunity to alter your perspective on the practical details of your life. Change is no longer just a good idea -- it's imperative to break free of restrictive patterns.

Keep in Mind this Month
Although you're naturally more comfortable operating in a rational manner, it may be time to leave logic behind and learn to trust your feelings.


The ball is in your court this month as the Virgo New Moon on September 8 energizes your 1st House of Personality. Taking the initiative is even easier when Mercury turns direct in your sign on September 12. This double dose of planetary activity is ideal for kicking off a self-improvement project. Changing how you interact, adjusting your diet or altering your appearance works best when you're prepared and well informed about your methods. As always, it's vital to be gentle with yourself rather than pushing yourself too hard to achieve your goals.

Relationship issues are revived on September 9 when Jupiter backs into sensitive Pisces and your 7th House of Partnerships, where it stays until January 22, 2011. Unresolved problems can return in a more dramatic form than before. When Jupiter joins incendiary Uranus on September 18, emotional excess makes it hard for you to deal with matters rationally.

Keep in Mind this Month
Since you can't control the behavior of others -- who may be acting irrationally -- focus on managing your own life as best you can.


It's time to rethink your assumptions about finances when mental Mercury in analytical Virgo retrogrades through your 2nd House of Money and Resources to start your month. The Virgo New Moon on September 8 reemphasizes your material 2nd house, focusing your attention on things rather than ideas. Although Mercury turns direct on September 12, encouraging you to think more about the future than the past, it will still be traveling over familiar ground for most of the month, blocking your view of the road ahead.

Additionally, you experience a shift toward deepening your connection with the past as Venus, Jupiter and Mars each enter emotional Water signs. Alluring Venus enters inquisitive Scorpio and your 4th House of Roots on September 8, followed there by energetic Mars on September 14. This spicy planetary pair travels together this month, stimulating memories of childhood, home and family. Share them with a loved one.

Keep in Mind this Month
Reminiscing about hard times or the good old days helps you reprocess your personal history and move into the future with wisdom and a fresh perspective.


Passion heats up your personal life with Astrology's lovers, Venus and Mars, moving into steamy Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance this month. Voluptuous Venus makes her entrance on September 8 followed by muscular Mars on September 14, providing a balance of action and attraction to get you all the attention you need.

Creative juices flow as you resurrect old projects or rediscover lost talents and apply them in new ways. The efficient Virgo New Moon on September 8 in your 3rd House of Information reveals fresh sources of data to fuel your artistic impulses. Additional inspiration arrives on September 9 when lucky Jupiter backs into dreamy Pisces for another four months before returning to action-oriented Aries. Cerebral Mercury joins the party by turning direct on September 12, hastening the movement of ideas and pushing through barriers to improve communication.

Keep in Mind this Month
Accepting the power of your deepest desires enables you to act on them with discretion. You'll get the results you seek without exposing your vulnerabilities.


Although the month may start slowly and end with a bit of turbulence, for the most part you enjoy smooth sailing as your long-term plans are falling into place. Messenger Mercury in analytical Virgo is retrograde in your 4th House of Security, requiring you to address unresolved family issues. These discussions may create discomfort, especially if you're talking in circles about the same things. But the mentally sharp Virgo New Moon on September 8 gets you thinking about what happens next.

Jupiter is also retrograde and backs into emotional Pisces and your 10th House of Career on September 9, connecting your heart with your professional aspirations. The emphasis on your feelings is corroborated by Venus' entry into powerful Scorpio in your 6th House of Work on September 8, followed by aggressive Mars on September 14. Shortly after Mercury turns direct on September 12, you'll feel closer to your goals.

Keep in Mind this Month
A brilliant idea can send shockwaves that suddenly clear your mind of negativity, just as lightning can clear a stormy sky of electrical tension.


Your social life receives a boost this month when the New Moon in earthy Virgo fertilizes your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression with fresh ideas on September 8. The combined forces of the Sun and Moon in this sultry sector of your chart help you attract personal attention or make a powerful impression professionally.

Also on September 8, your ruling planet Venus sashays into Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life. This confirms the message that it's time for you to reveal your feelings to someone special.

The pace of communication increases when chatty Mercury starts moving forward on September 12. Unfinished conversations and creative ideas are back on the table as you pick up where you left off. Potent Pluto's direct turn on September 14 is in your 9th House of Future Vision, requiring you to process the fears that are preventing you from reaching your potential.

Keep in Mind this Month
Settling for less than what you want in relationships will increase your resentment over time. Face the fear of rejection and speak up for yourself now.


It's time to break out of old routines -- and opportunistic Jupiter's conjunction with shake-it-up Uranus on September 18 will assist you in the process. You may want to recapture the enthusiasm you felt at the previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on June 8, yet you must reach deeper within now, as Jupiter retrogrades back into your 12th House of Imagination on September 9. Your excitement may not be apparent to others now, but your brain could be exploding with innovative ideas that keep you awake at night.

Weeding out the unrealistic fantasies is one way of using the discriminating power of the Virgo New Moon on September 8, which falls in your 6th House of Details. It will require hard work to make your dreams come true. Logical Mercury retrogrades until September 12, offering a glimpse of what's wrong with your current plans. Make corrections so you don't build your future on unstable ground.

Keep in Mind this Month
Although you may be able to clearly visualize how to resolve your current instability, don't worry if you cannot yet figure out the exact route to your destination.


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