Your taste for exotic people and unusual situations could be increased this month with three planets moving through your adventurous 9th House of Expansion. The month begins with Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, in this outgoing part of your chart. Travel can be especially inviting, whether you voyage with a charming partner or find local guides along the way. Venus remains in this house until September 8, then enters Scorpio and your 10th House of Public Responsibility. You may be somewhat less playful then as professional and parental duties require more of your time. Yet when you are able to lead in a gracious manner you grow more appealing to others. Avoid being bossy or autocratic, not just to keep the peace, but to show how kind and understanding you are.

Keeping your cool in the public eye may not be all that simple when aggressive Mars also enters steamy Scorpio and your 10th house on September 14. This is excellent for kicking up your career a notch, but the pressure to perform professionally can make it harder to find time for your personal life.

Still, the Sun's entry into sociable Libra on September 22 can be breath of fresh air that gets you to look up from the demands of the present to peer into the future. Planning a vacation getaway is a good way to revive a flagging relationship and to turn your head toward fun. You are much more attractive when you're excited about tomorrow rather than burdened by the demands and duties of today.


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