The news on the work front can be good this month -- if you're able to focus on details and are patient enough to plan your next move instead of just following your impulses. There are two key events occurring in mid-September that could turn your professional life in a constructive direction.

First, detail-oriented Mercury ends its retrograde cycle in your 6th House of Employment on September 12. If you've been backtracking to fix problems or have been waiting to hear back from a potential employer or customer, the forward shift of the communication planet should get you heading in the right direction. This is also a good time to put newly learned skills to work or to start additional work-related training. Mastery of details is more valuable now than brilliant ideas, so make sure you cover the bases that demonstrate competence before taking on any additional responsibilities.

On September 14 your traditional ruling planet Mars leaves accommodating Libra and enters intense Scorpio. This is excellent if you're ready to dig in and concentrate your efforts on one major task. Your ability to push through obstacles grows as you develop endurance to tackle even the hardest jobs. This power, though, comes at a price: you will need the participation of a powerful partner. Matching up with co-workers or business associates who can keep up with you can make a significant difference in what you're able to accomplish. You may have to compromise to maintain a productive relationship, yet it's well worth the effort with the right person on your side.


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