Mastering details that can seem arbitrary and unnecessary is a challenge that you are likely to be facing now. While you often prefer to operate by instinct and trust your feelings to guide your actions, precision in what you do and say is especially important now. The first source of this comes from retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication's backward turn in late August that tends to muck up messages and turn minor problems into major issues. Mercury turned backwards in your 3rd House of Information, complicating the flow of data until September 12 when it shifts back into forward gear. Having to relearn systems and reconnect with people may slow you down, but it's worthwhile to create the clarity that you need if you want to be efficient.

On September 8 the New Moon in analytical Virgo also falls in your 3rd house, underscoring the need to measure your words carefully. If you do your homework and get all the facts in order first, whatever you say will be more effective.

The Sun's move into your domestic 4th House of Home and Family on September 22 can turn your attention away from public responsibilities and toward your personal life. This may be beneficial on some levels, but could be a distraction from your job. Do your best to create a harmonious home environment where you can get the rest and support you need to advance professionally. If you have any interest in working for yourself, this can be a time when you finally feel ready to make a key decision.


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