September starts with the Sun in your 9th House of Adventure, turning your head and heart toward faraway places and people from different cultures. However, with mental Mercury retrograde in this part of your chart until September 12, delays and miscommunication can mar your long-distance connections. Be patient if your message is not getting through, as information will flow more smoothly while Mercury picks up speed during the second half of the month.

You may feel socially constrained when September begins because peaceable Venus is in your 10th House of Ultimate Responsibility. Maybe you have to mask your emotions to maintain a harmonious environment. But this burden will lessen on September 8 when Venus plunges into passionate Scorpio and your 11th House of Groups. The isolation you may have felt by carrying the load alone can now be overcome as others come to your aid. Good friends and helpful colleagues are there to provide much needed support. In fact, the intimacy you get by working with someone can arouse an attraction that alters the way you relate to one another.

Assertive Mars follows Venus into your team-oriented 11th house on September 14, which can bring you more stimulation in group situations and, perhaps, start to turn a friendship in a romantic direction.

The spontaneous Aries Full Moon on September 23 falls in your 4th House of Roots, stirring up restlessness that can rock the boat at home, or motivate you to take on personal challenges that excite you and make you more interesting to others.


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