It wouldn't be surprising if you are frustrated by all the little details that have distracted you from doing your best at work lately. Your brainy ruling planet Mercury turned retrograde (backwards) in late August and won't shift into forward gear until September 12. This is a time when data and details are easily lost or confused, complicating your professional life. Since this is occurring in your 4th House of Home and Family, domestic issues could be a source of stress that affects your career. When Mercury turns forward on September 12, these issues should start to move toward resolution. Delays and difficulties that have held you back may finally be overcome.

Still, on September 14, energetic Mars enters emotionally complex Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment, which can place new demands on you. The pressure to be more productive is possible, which might seem unfair and provoke negative feelings. However, if you have a project where you can use your emotions in a positive way, this could be the start of a very productive period of almost two months. Taking on the toughest tasks by choice is better than having them foisted upon you against your will. The level of effort required to handle your job and daily routine is likely to increase, so spending your energies on something that you care about is clearly more desirable than struggling to stay afloat. If you can up the level of your intensity, breakthroughs in your current position or in a move toward a new one are possible.


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