Tightening up finances and managing all of your resources carefully could be the key to improving your professional life this month. In late August cerebral Mercury turned backwards in your 2nd House of Possessions. It will switch back into forward gear in this economically important part of your chart on September 12. Doing everything you can to operate at higher levels of efficiency may seem dull and boring, but could make the difference between success and failure. If your materials or training have grown rusty, this is the ideal time to put them back in top shape. The sharpness of your tools (both mental and physical) could determine how effective and efficient you can be.

Your enthusiasm should start to rise on September 21 when the Sun opposes expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus. The following day the Sun enters sociable Libra and your 3rd House of Communication, which starts a 30-day period that is excellent for expressing your ideas so well that you gain the support of others.

Still, on September 25 the Sun crosses paths with prickly Pluto, a planet of power and manipulation. The downsides include power struggles, mistrust and possible corruption. However, if your mind is cluttered with too many activities or you have any doubt about your commitment, this transit can help you focus your intentions, set priorities and advance toward your goals with greater intensity. In fact, a low-key approach is unlikely to be very effective this month since action-oriented Mars enters "all or nothing at all" Scorpio on September 14, leaving little room for laxness or indecision.


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