There are some interesting relationship challenges for you this month. If you can rise to meet them, romance may flourish, but if you're not able to change the way you play the game, frustration can be expected. The key players in this story, as they often are when it comes to love, are Venus and Mars. Astrology's planets of attraction and action begin September in compatible Libra, a peaceful sign of accommodation and compromise. Their presence in your 3rd House of Communication makes for easygoing conversations and reasonable attitudes.

However, Venus plunges into the emotionally deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio on September 8, which replaces reason with passion. This transit occurs in your 4th House of Home and Family, possibly stirring up feelings of discontent in your household. However, sensing a profound lack of love, approval or pleasure can be a powerful motivator for making changes. If you have a partner, be as kind as you can, since resentment is almost always toxic. If you're single, think about what you can change in yourself to get the appreciation and affection you want.

On September 14 assertive Mars also enters Scorpio, doubling the fun or the complexity of relationships. You may not be in the mood to compromise, which can cause stress, but could be a necessary step to shaking up your personal life. Going to extremes is risky but will bring you clarity about what you truly want and don't want in a relationship. Just be kind about expressing those feelings since your comments can take on added power that provokes strong reactions.


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