You might feel like you're not getting all the attention that you deserve now. If that's the case, don't worry, because the situation will change once the expressive Sun enters your sociable sign on September 22. Until then, the Sun will be scurrying through your secretive 12th House of Shadows, where what you do behind the scenes may be more important than your activities that are visible to the general public. Shoring up alliances, tidying up unfinished tasks and getting yourself, your equipment and your work skills in the best possible shape represent the kind of necessary maintenance that increases your chances for a long, favorable future ahead.

Communicative Mercury has also been moving backwards in this part of your chart since late August. On September 12 it finally begins moving forward again, slowly unfreezing situations that have been locked down with little or no activity. Be extra careful in how you handle delicate information during Mercury's backwards cycle, because false data or leaks will not be helpful to advancing your ambitions.

On September 8 your charming ruling planet Venus descends into your 2nd House of Income to give you a deeper understanding of personal resources. While you may be concerned about a shortage of cash, lack of skills or experience, the real purpose of this transit is to encourage you to examine your assets to find more efficient ways to invest them. A little deficit spending can be beneficial, if you borrow or go into debt to finance education or equipment that can, over time, actually take your career to a higher level.


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