Planets entering and exiting your sign can pull you in different directions this month. The Sun in Virgo sits in your secretive 12th House of Escapism until September 22, which can indicate a greater need for privacy. Whether you choose to spend more time out of the spotlight or simply feel overlooked by others, this is not the most opportune time to shine.

Still, alluring Venus, your ruling planet, is in Libra until September 8, so you may be charming and attractive even if you're not able to get the full benefits of looking so good. Energetic Mars is also in your sign until September 14, driving you to take the lead in relationships. Yet, once again, while there may be a lot of activity on the field, you may not score until later in the month.

The Sun's entry into Libra on September 22 is a change of sign and season that can take you out of the shadows and make you more visible. Your warmth, generosity and creativity are clear strengths that are likely to get you more attention. This also puts you in a leadership position in relationships to revive your current one or in seeking a new partner. Nevertheless, it's the little secrets that you whisper in the ears of a sweetie that make the most impact now. Teasing is not misleading; it's just a way to play and prolong the pleasure of courtship. You can be a master at setting a romantic scene, but it works better when it appears to happen naturally instead of being part of your master plan.


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