Partnerships, professional alliances, customer relations and public outreach are key areas of your chart until September 22. The Sun is in your 7th House of Others, increasing opportunities to make new connections or strengthen existing ones.

A great way to demonstrate your worth as a business associate is to make sure that you manage details with high levels of skill and efficiency. Mercury is retrograde in analytical Virgo in your 7th House until September 12, tossing minor obstacles in your path. Managing messages with precision and double-checking data for accuracy can make or break a working alliance. It's better to be slow and careful to earn trust than to act or speak too quickly or promise more than you can deliver. It's the steady and reliable road that will take you where you want to go, not the fast lane of high hopes that aren't fully anchored in reality.

Your traditional ruling planet Jupiter joins electrifying Uranus in your sign on September 18, which could be a watershed point for you. This pair sparks conceptual lightning bolts that can give you a radical new perspective on your career. Flashes of intuition can excite you about doing something so different that it's like starting all over. But there's a risk of leaping before you're sure about where you're going to land. Allowing this vision to percolate a bit before taking action makes it more likely to turn into reality. Instead of quitting your job, take some time to gather facts and prepare yourself for a potential professional rocket ship ride to an exciting new destination.


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