This month gives you a chance to review where you stand and to make a fresh start in relationships. The key event is the New Moon in analytical Virgo, which falls in your 7th House of Others on September 8. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in this house casts seeds of hope for personal improvement.

Curious Mercury's direct turn in your 7th House of Partnership on September 12 initiates conversations that can help you find answers. A brilliant Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces on September 18 offers another dose of exceptional insight.

The Sun's entry into accommodating Libra on September 22 marks the Fall Equinox in your 8th house. But the relationship sign's reputation for harmony may be challenged. An assertive Aries Full Moon in your 2nd House of Personal Values on September 23 could expose a stark contrast between your priorities and those of someone you trust.

Keep in Mind this Month
Clearly stating what you want from someone doesn't guarantee that you'll get it, but it certainly improves your chances.


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