It's understandable if you feel frustrated or overwhelmed by a million and one details, a petty and picky boss or overly restrictive systems that bore you and burden your professional life. Mercury, the master of minor matters, is moving backwards in you24. Having to go over the same issues again and again is not your idea of fun, but tying up loose ends, completing unfinished tasks and perfecting your methods will pay off down the road. As much as you tend to be a "big picture" person who is motivated by adventurous schemes and dreams, it's the small stuff that will make a major difference in your work right now.

This isn't to say, though, that you will stop dreaming about a more exciting future. Your expansive ruling planet Jupiter joins innovative Uranus on September 18. While the positive side of this union can be an intuitive breakthrough that gives you a radically new and exciting idea or two, it also can stimulate restless feelings and rebelliousness. A temptation to quit your job and pack a suitcase for Tahiti is certainly appealing, but doesn't qualify as a viable plan. Blowing up at your boss, an uncooperative colleague or a customer is not an intelligent option either. Instead, start collecting the crazy concepts that jump into your head without doing anything about them right away. Look at your list in a few weeks and if one of them makes sense, start researching the possibility of turning this fantasy into reality.


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