Although getting along with colleagues and being a good team player continue to be key factors in your work life this month, there's another major pattern starting on September 14 that could reshape your professional future. Mars, the traditional ruling planet of your sign, enters Scorpio on September 14. This passionate and assertive planet's first visit to Scorpio in almost two years can kick your energy up to a higher gear. If you're stuck in an untenable situation, it's natural to grow more frustrated. Anger and irritation can rise to the surface, which is not going to earn you many allies. If, however, you can put the intensity that you're feeling to constructive use, this can be the first step toward a more rewarding work situation.

The key to tapping into the power that's available to you now is to be in the best mental and physical shape possible. You're getting ready for a major push forward, but if your body or mind is weak, it won't do you much good. If you've got the drive and the self-discipline to stick to a commitment, this can be the time to make a major breakthrough. Go for the impossible if that's what your heart desires, because even if you fall short of your goal, you'll prove that you're capable of so much more than you're doing now. Besides, if you don't ride this powerful wave of energy, you may wind up spending it on petty battles that frustrate you instead of getting you ahead.


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