Your relationship life is likely to move into more intense territory this month. The good thing is that you do well in intense situations. Strong feelings, either positive or negative, give you the kind of clarity that motivates you to make strong moves.

On September 8 Venus, the planet of love, enters your passionate sign. This is a positive transit that is bound to make you feel and look more attractive. As usual, though, it's attitude rather than the outfits you wear that makes you desirable. Loving yourself and indulging yourself in pleasure create a magnetic field that people will find difficult to resist.

Then, on September 14, your traditional ruling planet Mars joins the party by entering Scorpio. This is a major push to take action now. Passionate Mars motivates you to go after who and what you want with the power to blow away obstacles that slow your progress. The intensity you're feeling can motivate you to be more active physically as well as socially. But it takes a confident person to be comfortable with you now because the force of your will can intimidate insecure individuals. Playing with you now can be fun for the brave who aren't afraid to match your physical and emotional force. Just remember to temper your hunger for what you want and your anger about what you're missing with a dash of kindness to avoid looking like a bully. Mixing Venusian charm with Martian machismo, though, is a delicious combination that's bound to stir up your seductive side.


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